Drumpop is a feel good natural recording studio in michigan. Drumpop recording studio in Canton, Michigan location records full bands, vocals, small choirs, praise & worship groups, solo artists, instruments, and post mixing.

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Services We Offer

Do you or your band have songs you want recorded, mixed, and mastered? Are you a solo artist who as a song written and needs it recorded? DrumPop Studio is the place for all your recording needs.

DrumPop Studio services we offer: 

★ Recording drums, choirs, vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, voice overs, percussion, keyboard, bass and more.
★ We have an in-house drummer, bass player, and keyboardist to back you up, play on your track, or fill-in as needed.
★ Mixing tracks recorded here or off site
★ Mastering
★ Studio Photography & Album artwork
★ Weekdays, evenings, afternoons, and weekends available around your schedule
★ Bring your own equipment or use our studio instruments!

About DrumPop Studio

Rather than a boring, stale studio environment, our unique studio offers beautiful views of nature and the forest as you perform in our cathedral tracking room. As artists ourselves, we prioritize you, the performance, and the quality of your recording. We want you to be comfortable, enjoy your time creating, and have a professional final product.

We specialize in praise and worship, jazz, acoustic, and fusion music. Over 20 years recording, performing, & mixing experience.

Give us a call today to discuss your project. Special rates available for full album services.

Recording Samples


First and foremost, the room is beautiful! The contemporary windows give the space an open feeling, while keeping a very intimate and warm atmosphere! Nathan knows what he is doing when it comes to gear and recording! I went and recorded an original song with Nathan and he turned a song that was written just for acoustic into a full band production! He is very knowledgeable at what he does and can explain every decision that is being made within the recording process! He even hoped on the drums to record a part for the song! From what I saw, he doesn’t just want to record music here at DrumPop, he wants to record authentic performances! While recording vocals he even told me that he knew I could do a certain phrase better! He wants to record you at your best and not have to layer a whole bunch of effects on the performance! All in all, I had a wonderful experience with Nathan and Drumpop Studios! After about 5-6 hours of recording and eating tacos, I left with a phenomenal sounding single! Affordable and Knowledgeable, can’t get any better!

Andrew Wallin

Worship Leader

Nate and his wife were great to me and my band. Nate did a great job with are demo and helping us get the sound we wanted out of it. Definitely would use them again!

Matthew Saylor


Great place to record at. Nate is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. I Recommended drum pop studios.



Drumpop was an excellent experience. Friendly, affordable & very knowledgeable

Barney Erickson