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This should be at least 21 days clear after staff notification and 7 days clear after the start of the access period. Note: The 21 days are calculated from the day after the last notification. An employer and its employees who are covered by an enterprise agreement may consider amending the agreement to include a COVID-19 timetable that suspends all inconsistent provisions of the agreement. “For example, companies that urgently had to divide their staff into teams that, for reasons of social separation, alternate between work at home and in the office, were not able to quickly implement these changes because of the mandatory access time. 1. Before an employer requests, in accordance with paragraph 181, paragraph 1, that workers approve a proposed enterprise agreement by voting in favour of the agreement, the employer must meet the requirements set out in this section. Once an application for approval of a new enterprise agreement has been submitted but has not yet been approved, it may be withdrawn. Applicants should contact the FWC or contact Group Workplace Lawyers or call the Workplace Advice Line on 1300 55 66 77. b) have access to a copy of the document as soon as possible after it has been provided to the employer and have access to it for the remainder of the period of access to the agreement. In the first proceeding, the NTEU argued that the university had failed to adequately explain the terms of the agreement and the effects of those conditions under the Fair Work Act, as it had not found some adverse changes compared to a previous 2006 agreement.

The Commission found that a practical approach to these commitments was needed. It goes without saying that the nature of the declaration for workers who depend on the purpose and procedures, which constitute all the appropriate measures, depends on the circumstances of the employer and the workers covered by the agreement and the complexity of the agreement. In this case, the proposed agreement was long and complicated. The Commission found that the employer was not required to explain each feature or clause of the agreement. The Commission was satisfied that the neS conditions were merely mentioned and not included.