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Not at all. Before, there were tax breaks for these types of agreements, but since 2006, you will be paying the full amount of whack for every penny. In the event of termination of employment, the employer must respect the current notice period. The basic notice period is four weeks from the 15th or last day of a calendar month. This notice increases with the employee`s seniority. The employment contract may provide longer notice periods. Collective agreements may provide for shorter notice periods. In Germany, there is no legal compensation. Workers are entitled to severance pay as part of a social plan with the Works Council (often agreed in the event of collective dismissals) or as part of a collective agreement. Due to the high standards of protection against dismissal, it is not uncommon for the job to be terminated by a contract between the employer and the worker, i.e. a separation contract.

This can be done at any time, with or without severance pay. The protection against unfair dismissal provisions do not apply in such cases. As a general rule, the employer will propose severance pay to encourage the employee to accept the dismissal by agreement. The OECD publishes, by mutual agreement, statistics on the procedures of OECD member countries under the framework of `POP statistics`. In essence, a termination contract may contain the following information: The double taxation agreement can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance. The memorandum contains detailed information on how reciprocal procedures and arbitration procedures are conducted in Germany. -> In my opinion, I must inform the employment agency as soon as I have accepted the reciprocal agreement to resign (i.e. signed) or as soon as my employer has sent me a notice of dismissal.

At that time, my employer only offered to resign and we are in the discussion/negotiation phase. Do I really have to inform the employment agency at this point? I am afraid that this will have a negative impact on my application for German citizenship. As a general rule, the application must be submitted within a time frame set by the DBA. If the applicable DBA does not set a deadline for applications, a deadline is indicated in the Memorandum on Mutual Agreement Procedures (subsection 2.2.3). The mutual agreement reached becomes binding only if the subject approves it in writing, waives the right of appeal and withdraws all pending appeals. Background – After working 8 years in my current job, my employer asked me to resign on the basis of the agreement. Must add that no reasonable reason has been given to extend this favor to me. I plan to apply for German citizenship before the end of May and I do not want it to be put at risk because I do not have a job.

one. Can I refuse this offer to retract the mutual agreement? For companies, the legal basis for mutual agreement procedures can also be the EU Arbitration Convention. For more information, please see the section on business-to-business agreement procedures. Before taking serious action, you should know if this offer was a clear sign that you are no longer welcome or if the company is still looking for genuine volunteers for termination on the basis of mutual agreement.