This is an instrumental song by Nathan Goodman. It displays only three instruments; piano, bass, and drums. I like the places this piece takes my mind and the artistry that can be explored when the sounds induces creativity.


“This Generation” – Electronic Techno Dance Song

“This Generation” by Space Trash. Enjoy this traditional house electronic dance track with orchestral movements and a beat with blips and beeps.

Seize the Day by Nucleotides

This song was recorded and produced by Nathan Goodman and performed live under Nucleotides.

The Endor Beat

This is a techno house dance track performed by Nathan and Garrett of Space Trash including samples from ewoks on the moon of Endor.

Try this Freedom on

This is Freedom by New To You


Nucleotides – covering “Oh Boy” by Buddy Holly

This is an oldie, “Oh Boy” by Buddy Holly covered by Nucleotides. Recorded for fun in Ypsilanti, MI.