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The Directors Guild of America has ratified a three-year collective agreement, an expected step after the guild`s board of directors unanimously recommended the agreement to members. The duration of the new contract comes into effect on July 1. The DGA said on Thursday it had reached a preliminary agreement on the terms of a new three-year contract in film and television. Discussions with management`s AMPTP, which began on February 10, ended on Wednesday. The WGA`s contract expires on May 1, two months before the DGA`s current pact expires, and the authors could be in conflict with the studios, as they demand that they only negotiate with talent agencies that have signed the WGA`s new franchise agreement. This is something the AMPTP rejected last March, when the WGA tried to pull companies into their ongoing struggle with agencies over packaging fees and agency affiliations with production and distribution units close to the company. The provisional agreement, announced On Thursday evening, came after four weeks of open talks on February 10. Both sides agreed to block the news until negotiations are over. In addition, the guild negotiated the end of stock protection, which allowed new seasons of a series of a series first produced under an earlier agreement to maintain the conditions in effect on that date (including residues), even after a new agreement with improved conditions came into effect. Grandfathering will be eliminated in “almost all series” until the second year of the deal, according to the summary. Other residents: The remaining bases for foreign free-to-air television will increase by 2.5 per cent in the first year of the agreement and by 3 per cent in the second and third years, while the increase in the remaining bases for video-on-demand, non-prime time network, trade union and basic cable will be 0.5 per cent lower than these percentages. and the network`s pay-TV base and primetime repetition fees will not increase at all.

Residuen SVOD: For evening svOD projects with a budget of at least $13 million for a service of 20 million or more domestic subscribers, the residual value of the first year of the contract increases by 29 percent to US$162,812 for the first three years of use and an additional 3 percent for each of the second and third years of the agreement. For images over $30 million, the DGA retained the right to negotiate with the employer for better terms, including residues and creative rights. The agreement between the DGA and the Alliance of Film and Television Producers was adopted by an “overwhelming majority”, DGA President Thomas Schlamme said on Friday morning. Basic salaries: As already reported, minimum wages will increase by 2.5% in the first year of the contract and by 3% for the second and third years of the contract. .