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If two companies sign a farm-in contract, the tax regime is previously signed with the local authorities. Normally, the farm-in agreement has no impact on this tax system, but in practice, a government may try to review this tax regime when it sees that a large company takes the lead in a junior business project through the farm-in agreement. But what are the fiscal effects of such an agreement, since there is no fixed value of oil to “find”? 2. If the farmer does not comply with the procedures described in this Agreement, he shall be notified orally and in writing. After three written warnings, the company has the right to terminate the contract. 1. Use the part of its holding, measured and authorised by the company, for the purpose of growing green beans for the duration of this Agreement. I have read and understood the content of this agreement and I sign it of my own free will. 2. Make available to the farmer, in good time for planting, high-quality seeds in the quantity necessary for planting the supposed area.

The entity first recognises in the balance sheet the amount of contributions received or received from Hudbay under the JOY Property Farm-In agreement as a liability (advances received) and then passes on the amounts in the loss account to the cost reimbursements, given that the expenses related to these contributions are incurred. (6) Pay the farmer his contributions as set out in paragraph 4. . 1. If the farmer supplies green beans that do not meet the agreed quality standards, the company will refuse them….