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1.2 “Accredited” or “accreditation” means establishing and setting minimum standards for the performance of registration functions, recognizing persons or entities that meet these standards, and entering into an accreditation agreement defining the rules and procedures applicable to the provision of registration services. 3.7.5 At the expiry of the registration period, the failure or on behalf of the registered name holder to accept the extension of the registration within the time indicated in a second notification or recall, without extunting circumstances, leads to the termination of the registration until the end of the automatic additional period (although the Registrar may cancel the name earlier). 1.1. When registering a domain name (a “registration”), the Registrar collects the following information from the filers and retains this information for the duration of the registrar`s sponsorship and for a period of two years after: The registered domain name expires on the expiry date indicated within the registration period and as indicated to the filer. The registrant receives immediately before the expiry of reminders that invite the registrant to renew the domain name. If the registrant does not renew the domain name on time, the registration expires and In2net may, at its sole discretion, support the registration and keep it for its own account, delete it or sell it to third parties. During the period following the expiry of a domain name, the domain name is no longer dissolved, Whois registration data may be revised to include those of In2net or its reseller, and visitors to Registrant`s website may be redirected to a standard website. This default website may contain ads posted by In2net on its own account. Registrant recognizes and accepts that the registrant`s right and interest in a domain name ceases with its expiry. The registrant is solely responsible for informing the expiry date in a timely manner and renewing its registration.