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. After the selection, the student is appointed by the student exchange coordinator of the host institution. It is the responsibility of the partner university to confirm the student`s acceptance, provide students with practical information and inform them of university enrolment procedures, course registration and other aspects such as accommodation. In addition, you must submit documents to apply for the Erasmus scholarship and apply for approval of the courses you wish to take abroad, on the apprenticeship agreement. On the Blackboard page of the Erasmus programme, you will find a detailed explanation of all the steps you need to take. The University of Amsterdam (UVA) offers several minors, who are also open to vocational students. . Kies op Maat is an online platform that allows all higher education students in the Netherlands to see and select minors organised by other participating institutions. Look at the overview of the institutions participating in Kies op Maat. Do you want to sue a minor abroad in September 2020? Next, we recommend that you wait before booking your trip and arranging accommodation. If the minor is dismissed because of the coronavirus, these costs will be on their own account. In addition, the registration of a minor in the Netherlands in case of cancellation of the minor abroad due to the Corona virus.

. Please note that foreign minors often have different registration times. With regard to the deadlines for submitting applications from partner institutions, this period ends in most cases from the first month of the semester. You can ask your international curriculum Office for the exact dates. Information on minors offered by UVA. Do you have any questions about studying abroad? Contact the International Office of your course. If you are not selected for an exchange under the Erasmus programme, you can of course apply for the next deadline. You may be selected later if you have a higher average or an improved cover letter.

If you wish, we advise you to apply for comments about your file. If you can`t find a suitable minor on the Kies op Maat website, you can look for another minor offered by a Dutch university or university.