new hip hop Harvest Season by Risk on da DiskThis podcast is unique because it is the first time we are including a song from our upload form at Drum Pop dot com. We chose this song because I like the message and there is not much hip hop on Drum Pop…there is electronic and dance but not rap or new hip hop, so it is a delight to play this track. I like the message of this song, it relates the saying of reap what you sow to our relationships and life’s choices. Tho its titled Harvest Season, its appropriate for this time of year because its seed sowing time.. I know my family and I, we just started some corn, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, watermelons, and we’re doing pumpkins this year too. A gardner plans and plants their seed according to their desired harvest. What that goal or need is. So what will you plant into your life? Here is Risk on da Disk with Harvest Season.

That was Risk on da Disk with their song Harvest Season. I liked the use of the guitar lead on that track. Next I chose to play this song by Rudderhead Lounge because even tho it is a different genre, I would classify it as fusion jazz – something similar to the sounds of Dave Mathews Band or Ben Folds Five, it has a similar beat and rhythmic feel. The lyrics also give strength to a struggle in relationship and trying to bind the wounds they may have caused one another. The writer, Joshua Clemons says in one line, “I’ve given my everything, but have not given up.” This next song is Feeling Naked by Rudderhead Lounge.

This was an Drum Pop podcast. Again, if you would like your song to be included in one of our podcasts, you can upload it on our website: