Nucleotides - single coverBonding units of life. A nucleotide is bonding agent in DNA and RNA. It bonds life together on a very small scale. Music bonds life together on a more grand and complex scale. Nathan Goodman thought Nucleotides was a perfect title for live performances. He starting taking studio tracks to the stage in winter of 2005. He then started recording more tracks and released several EPs inspired by the new live sound and the crowd reactions. This sound became more upbeat with faster tempos but still keeping the melodic catchy choruses Nathan is known for. Nucleotides now plays occasionally in the Ann Arbor, MI area. Find out when at their  facebook page, or join our email list for show updates.

Nucleotides stickerSky High by Nucleotides

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  1. This story is not just inspiring. It gives me hope. With so much news out there about fiialmes falling apart, tragedies and heartache and humanity’s worst, this story gives me hope that we can find ways to celebrate the goodness, the best in us. Thrilled to reach out to this family!~RJ

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