Guitar Solo Podcast Focus – Skelectory and Vigilante

Guitar Solo PodcastThis is going to be a guitar solo podcast focus today. We have an instrumental track uploaded to us from the Submit your music page on our website.

Instrumentals are often featured here at Drum Pop, I really enjoy them. This track could almost be a video game epic ending theme. It has electronic type rhythms with metallic riffs, and orchestra instrument samples. Something in the sounds of Mini Bosses. Also this next song kinda reminds me of say…Dragon Force almost. Wait for the guitar solo in the piece. Give it a chance, and wait for it, it is definitely worth hearing, and thats why I voted  this one today. This guitar solo is almost something you would hear in Dream Theater. So here it is, uploaded by Armand, this is Skelectory – Theme 43. Next we have Vigilante by Forte. This is a hard rock or metal song from about 15 years ago. The clean sound and performance of the guitar is still one of my favorite guitar solos.

Brooklyn Bridge – Song by New To You

Brooklyn Bridge - Song by New To YouOur friend Josh called this weekend to chat and catch up. His newest songs can be heard on his band camp page, The Loropetalum. He was with me the first time I entered Brooklyn, NY and New York city. Brooklyn has also been on my mind this week with the news of MCA passing away. So today’s podcast is the Brooklyn Bridge song by New to You. Written by Josh Harden and arranged by Nathan Goodman.

New Hip Hop track – Risk on Da Disk

new hip hop Harvest Season by Risk on da DiskThis podcast is unique because it is the first time we are including a song from our upload form at Drum Pop dot com. We chose this song because I like the message and there is not much hip hop on Drum Pop…there is electronic and dance but not rap or new hip hop, so it is a delight to play this track. I like the message of this song, it relates the saying of reap what you sow to our relationships and life’s choices. Tho its titled Harvest Season, its appropriate for this time of year because its seed sowing time.. I know my family and I, we just started some corn, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, watermelons, and we’re doing pumpkins this year too. A gardner plans and plants their seed according to their desired harvest. What that goal or need is. So what will you plant into your life? Here is Risk on da Disk with Harvest Season.

That was Risk on da Disk with their song Harvest Season. I liked the use of the guitar lead on that track. Next I chose to play this song by Rudderhead Lounge because even tho it is a different genre, I would classify it as fusion jazz – something similar to the sounds of Dave Mathews Band or Ben Folds Five, it has a similar beat and rhythmic feel. The lyrics also give strength to a struggle in relationship and trying to bind the wounds they may have caused one another. The writer, Joshua Clemons says in one line, “I’ve given my everything, but have not given up.” This next song is Feeling Naked by Rudderhead Lounge.

This was an Drum Pop podcast. Again, if you would like your song to be included in one of our podcasts, you can upload it on our website:

8-Bit Video Game Drumline Solo

This was a request from Facebook. What you’re about to hear is a drumline solo composition designed for marching bands. What makes this solo unique is the movements are each based on a classic 8-bit video game soundtrack. After each instrument movement, a short drum solo is based on the rhythm pattern of that video game movement and then morphs the pattern to set the next movement. The movements go (somewhat) in order from the years they were released, starting with just the pit percussion with pac-man from 1980, then continues to add more and more marching band instruments as the song progresses to each movement. The video games covered in the arrangement are: pac-man, galaga, super mario brothers – listen for the flag roll, super mario bros. underground level, castlevania, and ending with the triumphant Zelda theme. The length of 2 mins is ideal for most marching band drumline features. I originally had Contra and a few other classic titles, but needed to edit it down a bit more and they got cut. What I’m playing for you today is the performance track I created on my computer software with digital (midi) instruments so the students could hear what the final piece should sound like. Shout out to Director Brenda Bressler for supporting the idea and students of the Huron High marching band drumline who practiced very hard and were able to perform this absurd solo practically note for note. So here is the digital instrument version of “8-bit Boogaloo.”

Sunrise Kiss by New To You

This is an indie rock song, “Sunrise Kiss” by New To You. Recorded in Orlando, Florida by Nathan Goodman, Josh Harden, and Thomas Lens.

This song has a sound like the band Jimmy Eat World.

Andrew Thomas – Move On

This song will paint the picture of spring. The ridiculously catchy verse riff sends a tropic sensation and the vibraphone ending surely sends a breeze that spring is in the air. Recorded in Orlando, Florida.

Tastes of Ireland for Holly

Tastes of Ireland Podcast songThis is an Irish influenced musical piece I wrote this evening for Holly’s birthday. Enjoy.


This is an instrumental song by Nathan Goodman. It displays only three instruments; piano, bass, and drums. I like the places this piece takes my mind and the artistry that can be explored when the sounds induces creativity.


“This Generation” – Electronic Techno Dance Song

“This Generation” by Space Trash. Enjoy this traditional house electronic dance track with orchestral movements and a beat with blips and beeps.

Seize the Day by Nucleotides

This song was recorded and produced by Nathan Goodman and performed live under Nucleotides.