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As far as I know, the current Section 104 agreement is being developed. Can you give me a summary of when the work is to be completed? Contact Nasreen Yunis, Principal Planner Tel: 0113 2478133 Email: Section 106 Agreements are negotiated privately between local planning authorities and persons interested in land (or contractors) under Law S106 of the Planning Act 1990. They are normally used to improve the quality of development and enable proposals that might otherwise be rejected. issue of Freedom of Information Ref 18893: request for sections 38, 104 and 106 regarding the development by Baratts Homes in Middleton Economic Viability Assessment, which provided a recent assessment of the provision of affordable housing in the current market. This policy has significantly reduced the need for affordable housing in the vast majority of the city, making many s106 renegotiations unnecessary, given that the Council was already below a marketable level of affordable housing. Let me get a copy of the Section 38 and Section 106 agreements, as well as any development changes made by Baratts Homes in Middleton, LS10, Leeds. Leeds City Council proactively invested realistic amounts of affordable housing in the city and used its powers under s106 to unlock many large lots. In February 2011, the Board of Directors implemented an interim directive on affordable housing, which corresponds to the results of a Kristin Lea Information Governance Management – Governance: 0113 3787899 e: [Leeds City Council Request email] e: [Email address] w: Thanks for the above information we received on August 15, 2017. We will respond to your request in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Don`t forget to mention the REFERENCE number FOI 19391 in future communications. Council approved a new s106 agreement to eliminate affordable housing and reduce green spaces to allow for development. The new agreement s106 provides for a “recession review”, i.e. if the land is not fully exploited within two years (50% of dwellings are essentially completed), a new declaration of financial sustainability must be re-submitted and, if the market is strengthened, affordable housing (and even a better contribution to green spaces) will be required.

The Highway Authority (Council) does not have the power to insist that a developer enter into an S38 agreement. However, many developers consider this also the best option, as the adoption process can be long, and if it takes place at the end of a route, the developer is responsible for all maintenance work until the adoption takes place. A developer may complete the construction of a road and then propose to the Highway Authority in accordance with Section 37 of the Highways Act 1980, but the S38 is more desirable because the Commission does not have the authority to insist that a road meet an authorized standard or that it is then proposed for adoption. However, if an S38 agreement is reached before construction begins, the City Council can ensure that it is built, lit and drained to the appropriate standards. Once an agreement has been reached in accordance with Section 38, the developer must work under a number of conditions, conditions and deadlines. It is supported by a loan or cash deposit, calculated by the motorway authority, on the basis of the proposed work. This loan or cash deposit can be used if the developer goes into liquidation or if he otherwise complies with his obligations. As far as I know, the current section 104 agreement is in the works.

Can you give me a summary, please, and when the work should be completed? 86 apartments are thus highlighted by detached houses that can be delivered in the short term, because the owner wants to immediately develop units on this site.