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The competent body of one State Party, which receives an application first to the competent institution of the other State Party, immediately transmits to the competent institution of the other State Party the supporting documents and other information available to it to process the application. This table of contents is a navigation tool that is processed from the titles contained in the legal text of the documents of the federal register. This repetition of titles to create internal navigation links has no significant legal effect. The competent institution to which an application, a contract notice or a written appeal was lodged in accordance with Articles 15 or 16 of this agreement, or both, sends it immediately to the competent body of the other State party, with the date of receipt on the document. BOB ROTHERY: Therefore, if a person can be subject to social security tax, both in the countries of origin and in the host countries, the agreement determines the country responsible for taxation. So, in general, this is the country in which the person works. For example, a U.S. person working in Brazil is generally exempt from FICA and is subject to social security tax in Brazil. John Seery: Is there anything else in this agreement? The competent institution of the contracting state to which the claim for benefits is made under Article 15 of the Convention transmits to the competent institution of the other State party the supporting documents and other information available to it to discharge the obligation of appeal.

Unless otherwise provided by the national legislation of a State Party, personal data transmitted by the other State Party to a State Party under this agreement is used exclusively for the administration of this Convention and the laws covered by Article 2 of this Convention. The national statutes of the receiving state party with respect to the protection of the privacy and confidentiality of personal data, as well as the provisions of this agreement, govern this use. There are three more. The agreement with Uruguay did not enter into force until 1 November and there is an agreement on Slovenia that will come into force on 1 February 2019. An agreement with Iceland is also being prepared. Obviously, the one with Brazil is the one that will reach the most people. The information contained in it is general in nature and is not intended to respond to the circumstances of a particular individual or corporation. While we strive to provide accurate and timely information, there is no guarantee that this information will be correct at the time of receipt or that it will be correct in the future. No one should react to this information after a thorough review of the particular situation without appropriate technical assistance. Brazil has agreements on social security totalization with the following countries: the competent authorities and the competent bodies of the contracting states can correspond directly to each other and with anyone where the person may reside, in all cases where this is necessary for the management of this agreement.