Using Steven Slate Drums for Live Performance.
The problem is double clicking a drum kit name is the only way to load your next kit. There is no Midi cc or program change transmit that will work. this is impractical for a live performance, so here is my work around. saving as a logic or DAW instrument Preset allows preset change from midi command. You can even save a kit Chain by using a prefix name and number order, such as Stage 1,2,3, etc.
So to do this Load the drum kit for use and select save as. give it a new name, and click save. The new preset is now seen in your list. Now hit option K to bring up the KEY Commands window . Search the word NEXT in the top right search box, click the Next Patch setting, and click the Learn Assignment button, then strike a pad. Then type Previous in the search box, hit Learn New Assignment, and strike a different pad, rim of a pad, or dial knob. Striking the top of my cymbal now loads the Next preset, and striking the edge loads the previous preset.