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It is very important to understand that a landlord cannot get out of their obligation to provide a habitable apartment by claiming that the rent they charged you has been reduced due to the bad conditions.5 Hello, I am trying to terminate my contract with my landlord due to a medical condition from Artrithis. My family doctor wrote to the owner about this, but he refused to let me go because there is no breakclause in my contract. I most often spend time with my cousin bc my own house has cold walls and floors. I am an international student with a scholarship and I am starting to have financial problems because the government has not sent my scholarships for the next few months. My father tries to send my alimony, but I can`t afford to stay here. Now I can`t write to my landlord that I`m in financial trouble and I can`t pay my rent without him thinking I just want to terminate the contract. 19. See Darmetko v. Boston Hous. Auth, 378 mass. 758 (1979). If you have G.L.c. 186, ยง14 damages and G.L.