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Select a district to view current and past teacher contracts and policies, including academic calendars, payroll plans, and assessment manuals. You`ll also find district student demographics, work context, and quick facts about district teachers` policies. on what is contained in collective agreements and state policies. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy is working to update this database in a timely manner. We invite school districts to support us by sending copies of new collective agreements or links to these agreements to This database contains PDF copies of the collective agreements for each Michigan district for teachers, bus drivers, assistants, office workers and other employees. Union contracts include not only salaries and social benefits, but also information on class sizes, staff evaluations, school calendars and more. The NCTQ Teacher Contract Database contains policy information for more than 145 school districts across the country. We analyze collective agreements, assessment manuals, payroll plans and other documents to focus district policy on key issues such as teachers` salary, assessment and working day. Click the Start Search button below to learn more about a particular district or compare policies across multiple districts. Avenue S 2015-18 Collective Agreement between the American Teachers` Federation, Local 2, AFT, NYSUT, AFL-CIO and United Cerebral Palsy of NYC Avenue S. On this page you will find the collective agreements for each of the adapt sites of the ADAPT network, formerly known as the UCP of NYC Chapter.

While the four CBAs run for the same period from June 30, 2015 to June 29, 2018, you must read the contract for your specific project. Contracts describe your rights, salaries, health care, dental care and retirement. Districts by category to learn more about the difference between contractual agreements according to categories. Dive into the NCTQ Teacher Contract Database and find out what`s contained in collective agreements and government guidelines for more than 145 of the largest school districts in the 50 countries. Dover Professional Employees Association Memorandum of Agreement. Dover Police Administrators Memorandum of Agreement on 140 of the most important districts in the 50 states. Is the national image of interest? Choose a category below to see how the 147 districts in the database are compared to key topics. It can be compared by county or state.

Select one to get started:. . The teacher contract database includes more than 145 districts throughout the country, representing the 100 largest districts in the country, the largest district in each state, and the member districts of the Council of Great City Schools. Deerfield Paraeducators Association Memoranum of Understanding….