The Talented Band

Ryan Babbs and the Talented Band
Ryan Babbs and the Talented Band

Included Ryan Babbs, Kevin Ryan, Kipp, Nathan Goodman, and occasionaly Scott Singmaster. They played a handfull of shows in summer of 2000, and recorded a few songs live in Kipp’s jam room. Most of the  music was made-up on the spot. The recording of Mexican Song was the 3rd time it was ever played. The first time it was played was at the first show. The first show went like this. Nathan called Kevin and asked him and Ryan if they wanted to go play an open mic that night. They agreed and headed over to Nathan’s garage where they threw some riffs together then packed up and headed out. They showed up to a very large crowd at the outdoor patio bar and stage at Broadway Pizza in Altamonte. They shocked the crowd leaving dropped jaws and cheers of joy. That night ended with the cops showing up. Like most Talented Band shows.

The Talented Band - CD

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