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1. Internet activity or general navigation. You can visit the website to read product, investment and business information, or use some of our online tools without telling us who you are or providing personally identifiable information. If you do, we or our service providers can automatically collect and store statistical information on a pseudonymized basis regarding internet activities or other activities on the electronic network, if you visit our website or use other interactions with them, para. B example of information about the time and duration of your visit, the website you last visited, the pages you visited. , the date and time of these requests and the name of your Internet service provider (“IsP”). We can use different methods and technologies to store or collect user information (“tracking technologies”). When you visit our website, these tracking technologies can set, modify, or change settings or configurations on your PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or any other device (a “device”) on which they access our website. Some of the tracking technologies used on the site include, without restriction, the following technologies and methods that will be developed later: (a) cookies. A cookie is a file placed on a device to clearly identify your browser or save information on your device. Our website can use HTTP cookies, HTML5 cookies, flash cookies and other types of cookie technology to store information about local storage. The use of cookies is an industry standard and you will find them used by most websites. Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies.

If you wish, you can set up your browser so that cookies are rejected or that you are notified when cookies are sent. However, if you do, some parts of the website may not work properly for you. We also use cookies to trigger certain online surveys that could be hosted on a site other than this one. These surveys are optional and do not require the provision of personal data. We use information from these online surveys to improve our website, improve the user experience and improve our products or services or the quality of our service to our customers. b) Delete gifs. Clear GIFs are tiny graphics with a unique identifier (which may be invisible to you), similar to the function of cookies, and are used to track the online movements of web users. Unlike cookies stored on a user`s hard drive, Clear GIFs are embedded invisibly on web pages (or communications) and are about as long as the end period of that sentence. These clear GIFs help us better manage the content of the site by informing us of content that is effective. (c) Built-in scripts.

A built-in script is a programming code that collects information about your interactions with the site, z.B the links you click on; (d) ETag or entity date. An etag or feature tag is a cache feature in browsers. This is an opaque identifier assigned by a web server to a given version of a resource found under a URL. (e) Browser Fingerprinting. Collecting and analyzing information from your device, such as.B. Without limitation of your operating system, plug-ins, system fonts and other data, for identification purposes; and (f) recognition technologies. Technologies, including applying statistical probability to datasets that attempt to recognize users and devices or make assumptions, for example. B that a user of multiple devices is the same user. If you have any questions or questions about your online account, if you apply for credit or payment, you can contact Toyota Financial Services (TFS) directly by phone at 1-800-874-8822, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (in your local time zone). We may also disclose your personal data for other purposes, including: (i) Legal compliance.

To the enforcement agencies or to the autor