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When a lease ends, but the tenant continues to live in the property, the duration of the contract is automatically extended by a similar period or one year (whichever is lower), with the same conditions as the previous contract, unless otherwise agreed between the two parties. For rental disputes between landlord and tenant, please contact: 22. In case of non-payment by contractual obligation, the contract is terminated unilaterally by the owner. And the apartments must be empty on the same day. Most leases are valid for one year, although short-term rentals are possible, either weekly or monthly. These are usually available through the same channels as long-term rents, with one difference: the rent is paid in full either to the landlord or to the house management agents. Electricity bills are included in a short-term rent. In Dubai, owners must register rental contracts with the RERA Ejari online portal. Tenants must pay a housing fee to Dubai Municipality, calculated at 5 percent of the annual rental fee. Housing costs are added to the monthly electricity and water bills. All rental contracts must be registered online with RERA on the EJARI website (which means in Arabic My rent). Either the landlord or the tenant can register the contract without informing the other party.

The registration of the lease helps in case of dispute between the owner and the tenant. To learn more about resolving rental disputes in Dubai, read: How to Resolve a Rental Dispute in Dubai A good professionally written lease template can be very helpful when renewing a lease or signing a new contract in Dubai. Indeed, in Dubai, it is customary to add conditions to the Ejari contract form, considered as a general framework for relations between landlords and tenants. A supplement to the Ejari contract is most often necessary, as landlords and tenants have special needs and wish to define more clearly and precisely the rights and obligations of both parties. For this reason, we offer the perfect range of additional conditions to be an integral part of the Ejari lease. Again, the notice period and the amount of the fine to be paid in the event of early termination of leases in Dubai depend on the termination clause contained in the contract. If there is no termination clause, the tenant gives a lot at least 60 days notice. The amount of the fine depends on the owner. The relationship between dubai landlords and tenants is established by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in accordance with Dubai Rental Law nr. 26 of 2007 (and amendments to Law No.

33 (2008). The law outlines the roles and responsibilities of landlords and tenants to avoid potential litigation and misunderstandings. The Rent Disputes Settlement Centre (RDSC), established under Decree No. 26 of 2013, investigates and settles all matters relating to rental disputes in Dubai, while Decree No. 43 of 2013 manages all rent increases. Simply put, the Dubai lease agreement is a legally binding agreement that allows the tenant to use a property for a set purpose and for a specified period of time. The contract describes all the rental conditions and the expectations and requirements mutually agreed between the parties. A formal lease in Dubai helps to avoid misunderstandings and future disputes that may arise. 8. Tenants behave in a civilized manner and are good neighbors who respect the rights of surrounding landowners.

Tenants must not cause noise or disturbance that could disturb or disturb the owners of the environment. The creation of a disturbance of the aforementioned type is a reason to terminate this contract and the tenant must then immediately evacuate the premises….