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Premium points program: applies to all agreements with consumers for which premium points are made available. If you have signed a direct agreement for something you bought in your home that costs more than $50, the law says you have 10 days to terminate it for no reason. You must ensure that the seller receives the cancellation in writing and within the allotted time. If you cancelled in this way, all the money you paid to the seller must be refunded to you. This information must be “clear, understandable and important” in the agreement. [7] In the event of ambiguity, such provisions should be interpreted against the author of the agreement. This means that if the contract is vague or obscure and it is possible to interpret more than one thing, the interpretation that favours the person who did not write the contract is preferred. At 347.1, credit contracts on pay days are defined and exempt from s 347, provided the following three conditions are met: a consumer may also terminate a future delivery contract if he does not start delivery within 30 days of the date indicated in the agreement or within 30 days of the start date of the agreement. in the agreement.

[12] In the absence of delivery or start date in the agreement, the Consumer may cancel at any time before delivery or the start of delivery if the supplier does not deliver or accept delivery within 30 days of the contract being concluded. [13] A consumer cannot terminate the contract if he accepts the acceptance of the delivery after 30 days or if he authorizes the performance of the contract. [14] A tried delivery, refused or not because no one was available to accept the delivery or service was tried, but refused or not, because no one was available to allow the start, is considered to be delivered or started on the date on which an appropriate delivery or start notice was issued. [15] In accordance with Section 17, a “remote sale” refers to “a contract for the supply of goods or services between a supplier and a consumer that is not personally concluded and for which the consumer does not have the opportunity to verify the products subject to the contract before the contract is concluded.” This definition encompasses all forms of trade in which parties are not face to face, such as catalogue sales, internet sales or telephone sales. Under Section 48, a supplier must provide a copy of the contract to the consumer within 15 days of the conclusion of the contract and also establish a list of requirements for remote contracts.