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The hosting agreement replaces the need for a work permit for the following category of staff: Researchers Academic staff involved in research The most important conditions of a hosting agreement usually include: Principal investigators who intend to hire a researcher from a third country must complete an appointment form as before. The nomination form must clearly indicate that the employee requires a hospitality agreement and email the contact information for the employee and the principal investigator. An accredited research institution can only sign a hosting agreement with a researcher if the following conditions are met: researchers who do not register with the GNIB risk jeopardizing the revocation of their hosting contract, risking delays in their residency applications and, ultimately, risking deportation. Once all the documentation is received, the accommodation contract and employment contract are sent to the employee to help obtain a visa (if the researcher comes from a country that needs it). In addition, this system allows the researcher`s immediate family to reside in Ireland for the duration of the agreement and to work without a work permit. UCC is an accredited research institution and, as such, may enter into hosting agreements with third-country nationals (non-EEA citizens) for research purposes at the university. All new and renewed contracts must be issued and reserved for the IUA at least two weeks before the start of the contract OR the renewal date of an existing contract. Upon receipt of the hospitality agreement forms, the Department of Human Resources; Hosting contracts are a quick and inexpensive form of work permit – there is no approval procedure or fee (however, the researcher still has to pay €300 to register with the immigration authorities each year) In addition, the hosting contract is valid for the duration of the employment contract, thus eliminating the need for an annual renewal. The hosting agreement will be used by the researcher, where applicable, for visa applications, entry into the state and immigration registration. People from countries required by a visa can apply for a multiple-entry visa once they have registered in Ireland. Within three months of arriving in Ireland, researchers from non-EEA countries must register with their local immigration officer. An immigration registration certificate (GNIB registration card) is issued by the Garda National Immigration Office to a non-EEA citizen who registers.

A fee of €300 will be charged for each immigration certificate (residence permit) issued. Persons with contracts of 18 months or less will receive a GNIB card for the entire duration of the hosting agreement, which can normally be extended after 12 months, subject to immigration regulations. It is the employee`s responsibility to keep their authorization to stay up to date, and the associated costs are borne by the employee. A hosting contract must cover not only hosting services, but all ancillary services provided by a hosting provider. This can include control panels, email services, domain name services, SSL certificates, and more. When a host resells another company`s hosting services, the reseller wants to ensure that their hosting contract is “back to back” with the ultimate service provider`s hosting agreement. .