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First, the borrower must take care of the type of control he wishes to give to the lender. In exchange for the loan, the lender must have a perfect security interest, but in most cases, the borrower also wants access to his deposit account. Active Deposit Account Control Agreement – A control agreement that orders the bank to accept the instructions of the secured party (not the debtor). The general rule according to the UCC is that perfection, the effect of perfection or imperfection and the priority of a security interest are governed by the local laws of jurisdiction in which the debtor finds himself. However, the local jurisdictional law of a custodian bank governs perfection, the effect of perfection or imperfection, and the priority of an interest in securities in a deposit account managed by the custodian bank, in accordance with UCC 9-304 (a). The deposit body. In most cases, it has its own form of DACA. The three parties concerned should, first of all, negotiate on different terms and conditions in form. For the lender, the objective is to insure the loan it has granted to the borrower and the borrower does not want to risk the deposit funds.

The two parties must find common ground and the former should ensure that there is no default on their part. According to the UCC, the lender still needs to take some control over the deposit account, but at least the borrower will have access to its funds through such negotiations. Even if a deposit-taking institution needs its own form of DACA, deposit-taking institutions must remain vigilant before signing when a lender or borrower and their advisor proceed with the DACA form. Often, other DACA parties will attempt to substantially amend the important provisions relating to the protection of the deposit-making institute, including the provisions relating to compensation, deposit and notice. Custodian institutions should review the amendments proposed by consultants familiar with the negotiation of DACAs from the perspective of a deposit-taking institution (i.e., includes banking, cash management transactions and deposits, as well as the importance of certain legal protections for depository establishment). Counsel for the conservation institute must inform the conservation institute of how the proposed amendments affect the respective rights and obligations of the parties under the DACA and the practical consequences of these changes on the relationship, business and operating teams of the custodian institution. In addition, the legal counsel of the deposit institute must have a deep understanding of what the market is and reject inappropriate requests from other parties that do not match the market. An agreement whereby reciprocity will not be entered into another account control agreement with another third party or another agreement regarding the borrower`s account. It is necessary to see what are important inclusions from the borrower`s point of view. A borrower should decide whether to give full control to the lender by committing to a blocked agreement. Most borrowers want access to their funds even after filing the DACA, so borrowers must discuss these terms with the other two parties. The borrower`s right to access his own account is also a crucial aspect of the form.

Before signing the contract, the borrower must ensure that any inconvenience to the form in this regard does not reap the real benefits.